Authorship Policy

Authorship and Data Sharing Policy in PANC4 Projects
(Approved 8/5/2016)

A.   Definitions related to Data Collection Centers

  1. Principal Investigator (PI): The key leader of a case-control study, who takes/took responsibility for the design, funding, and data collection of the cases and controls.
  2. Investigator: An independent scientist or faculty member who collaborates with and brings disciplinary expertise or contribution to the case-control study that was/is led by a PI
  3. Junior Investigator: An early career or non-independent scientist or faculty member, postdoc, or trainee who helped or is currently helping on the case-control study that was/is being conducted by a PI
  4. Collaborator: A scientist or faculty member who collaborates with a PanC4 Investigator on PanC4-related studies or projects, but who is not a PanC4 member.
  5. Study: The Case-Control project conducted by a PI in his/her respective country.
  6. Center (if applicable): The immediate unit in which the Case-Control study was conducted.
  7. Institution: The main organization (i.e., university, research institute, government agency) in which the PI and Case Control study are affiliated.

B.   Definitions related to PANC4 Projects

  1. Working group: A group of investigators in PANC4 who are collaborating as a team on a specific research question that was designed and agreed to by the PANC4. Leadership of a working group will be mutually agreed upon by consensus.
  2. Working group member: An investigator (at any level) who is part of the PANC4 collaborative team that is working on a specific research question
  3. Working group project: The organized investigation on a specific research question conducted by a working group. These may be based upon pooled previously collected data (pooled data project), or newly developed projects that generate new data (i.e., genotypes) with existing samples.
  4. Manuscript preparation group: A subset of the working group who takes the lead role to write the manuscript from a working group project.

C.   Data Sharing Policy

  1. Participation in PANC4 working groups implies the willingness to share raw data, results, biological samples (if available), or to generate new data from biological samples, if feasible.
  2. Material Transfer Agreements, data use agreements, and ethical approvals from PI institutions are the sole responsibility of each institution/study PI and should be obtained prior to data pooling.
  3. Data and biological material shared on a specific working group project are to be used only within the scope of that project.
  4. Ownership of data and biological material shared within PANC4 working group projects remains with the original investigator.
  5. Refusal to participate in a project does not compromise the possibility of participating in other projects.

D.   Authorship Policy

  1. Working group members will be included as co-authors in all publications and presentations based on that project.
  2. Authorship position and number of authors for each manuscript will be negotiated on a case by case basis in advance of data collation and analysis.
  3. A specific authorship agreement will be obtained from participating working group members and PIs (PI of each PANC4 data-contributing study prior to initiation of significant analysis of each pooled data project.
  4. The order and number of co-authors in the first group of the listed authors will not be restricted and will be determined by the working group.
  5. The order and number of last author positions (senior co-authors in the working group) will be determined by the working group.
  6. The middle group of co-authors will be occupied by the studies in the working group project. In general, each study or center may contribute 1 to 3 authors (e.g., based upon number of case-control pairs and effort in the working group project contributed; "effort" will be determined by the PI) per project, depending upon the level of involvement in the project. These coauthors will be listed in alphabetical order.
  7. If journals permit, individuals who shared equally in effort, at the discretion of the working group, can be asterisked in the author listing.
  8. Junior investigators taking an active role in specific projects will be given prominent authorship positions on manuscripts from such projects (and such arrangements will be part of the project-specific authorship agreement described above).
  9. The working group of each manuscript will be prepared to justify the role played by groups of coauthors (i.e., analysis, data collection, financial, etc.).

E.   Full Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest (COI) and Commercial Interests (CI)

  1. All real or perceived COI by PanC4 Investigators or Collaborators on a PanC4 project, or their immediate family members, must be fully disclosed on the PanC4 proposal form.
  2. Definition of COI generally follows the US Federal government guidelines.
  3. All CI, including licenses and patents that exist or may be planned or pending as a result of PanC4 projects or related projects, must be disclosed on the PanC4 proposal form.
  4. The PanC4 Steering Committee will make the final determination on whether or not to approve projects that have COI and/or CI.

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